Level 7 Diploma in Natural Medicine

Course description

Level 7 Diploma in Natural Medicine is equivalent to Master’s degree and contains 10 courses each of which has extremely informing and enlightening teaching with the emphasis on a research project about diseases, causes and sources as well as the correct way to maximizing the medicinal powers of Natural herbs and nutritional foods.

Mode of study

This program is studied online from anywhere in the world without attending classes or meeting face-to-face with tutors.

Learning outcomes of the program

After successful completion of this course learners will have:

  • Rich and more in-depth knowledge in natural medicine
  • Highly educated and enlightened mindset with the ability to observe, assess, analyses and collect scientific and clinical evidences
  • The mental capability and the intellectual skills to manage business and lead organization.

Start of this course

The program runs throughout the year and you can enroll any time.


After successful pass of all units-modules or courses, in collaboration with our main London office, our accreditation body will send the certificate out directly to the student or to the university’s local office in the student’s country of residence, where it will be made ready for collection in only 10 working days.

Entry requirements

You can join this program through any of the three options listed below:

  1. First degree, in health related subjects, orthodox medicine, research, botany or natural medicine
  2. Diploma in health related subjects plus minimum 5 years of experience in conventional medicine, natural or nutritional medicine or other health related subject.
  3. Secondary leaving certificate plus minimum 10 years of work experience in a health-care setting.

Duration of the Course

This is a flexible course and its completion time depends on the learner’s dedication and effort, however it could be completed in as short as nine months but 1200 Guided Learning Hours must be covered.

Assessments and Exams

To measure the level of understanding and the depth and accomplishment of a true learning, there must be a fair but firm assessment on one’s skills and knowledge in the subject they have been studying. Since this is a medical course and those who graduate would likely be dealing with patients and vulnerable people, we have made a rigorous assessment system which gives us a clear evidence of the competency of the learner. All assessments and markings take place within the learning platform of our website. After results of the exam is given out, our internal verifier will conduct full verification of all the answers given by the learner and evaluate whether the student has shown competency in the section and level of study he/she has been tested on.

Fee for this course

Number of courses = 10

Full program fee     = $3000.00

Fee per course      = $300.00