Level 8 Diploma in Project Management

Course Description

Level 8 Diploma in Project Management is an accredited program that is equivalent to PHD. It equips industry practitioners’ scholarly level of awareness on project management issues and the skills to exploit their specialist knowledge in applied research and development within the academia and industry. Project management is a skill that can reach across industries, therefore this program is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to help companies reach their operational and performance potential.

This qualification is achieved by completing and passing 4 courses (chosen from the list of courses below) and through rigorous and comprehensive research on a chosen research topic that is selected from a pool of different headings all relating to Project Management.

After completing required coursework, you will undergo an online assessment of the skills acquired, and then embark on research that leads to a 40,000 words dissertation, which will be guided and marked by your tutor, on any of the following research areas:

Project planning
Project management complexity
Project life cycle models
Project life cycle versus process groups
Project Management Maturity
Project management methodologies
Conflict Management/Resolution
Project Leadership
Project Portfolio Management
Supply Chain Quality and Performance Management
Product Development
Time Estimation
Quality Management
Risk Management
Value creation
Project conceptualisation
Practitioner development

Learning outcomes

  • Apply project management principles in a work-based context.
  • Apply quantitative methodologies in making work-based decisions.
  • Utilise technology to solve work-based problems.
  • High level Quality Management skills
  • Manage people in a project.
  • Display project leadership skills.
  • Apply financial management principles.

Program overview

The aim of the program is to facilitate the dynamic development of participants’ managerial and entrepreneurial competencies, allowing them to enhance their expertise, and to work as managers and leaders in organisations in an international and multicultural environment. It will prepare you to think and act strategically and develop your abilities to make positive contributions in project management. This program is heavily research-focused; allows graduates to work in academia or in high-level corporate positions. It will allow you to investigate and acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to research improvement practices, and effectively lead projects and programs in a variety of settings.

The Level 8 Diploma will enable you to dive deep into project planning, tracking, analysing, reporting, as well as the identification of scheduling time limits, trade-off analysis techniques, the measurement of accomplishments against plans, and early identification of problems. You’ll also explore current and emerging methodologies, risk-management techniques, contemporary leadership theories and practices, and complexity theories for improving project and program results.

Entry requirements

You can join this level 8 program through one of the following two routes:

  1. You have post graduate qualification in Business Management related subject
  2. You have at least 5 years of work experience and a Bachelor’s degree in a business management environment.
  3. You have level 7 in Project Management or other Business Management qualification


This is a flexible online program and students have the privilege to complete it as they find fit to their schedule of life and work, however, those who dedicate their time for early graduation could do so in just 18 months.


After successful pass of all units-modules or courses, in collaboration with our main London office, our accreditation body will send the certificate out directly to the student or to the university’s local office in the student’s country of residence, where it will be made ready for collection in only 10 working days.


Full program fee = $2,976.00

6  installments of $496.00 each