Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership

Course Description

The objective of the GLU Level 6 Diploma in Management & Leadership qualification is to develop personal management capabilities, make effective use of information in decision-making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people. These qualifications are for the development of the role and skill of senior managers. The Qualification has been created to develop and reward the business managers of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism across several sectors. It gives learners the opportunity to implement business innovations by initiating and delivering projects. Learners will make business decisions in complex and unpredictable contexts, identifying innovative and viable solutions to problems.

The learning outcomes of the program include:

  • Develop problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills in a business situation.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of internal structure and external relationship for companies doing business at an international level.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the organisation and its management system.
  • Examine the concept of entrepreneurship including behaviours, processes and skills relate to small business and enterprise.
  • Manage budget and perform financial analysis to the organisations for effective decision making.
  • Manage complex issues in the organisation to improve management practice.
  • Perform environmental analysis for strategic marketing decision making to implement strategy.
  • Develop managerial and leadership skills to manage team performance.
  • Gain knowledge about the advanced economic literature and legal systems in which business operate.
  • Understand strategic human resource techniques and tools to manage employees’ performance.
  • Apply research methodologies for effective decision making.
  • Develop an ability to analyse information and to identify research question and to apply advanced research techniques and tools to create new literature which is justifiable and measureable.

Duration of the Course

This is a flexible online course and offers you the opportunity to study with the pace that is most suitable for your life schedule. Its completion time therefore depends on the learner’s dedication and effort; however it could be completed in as short as five months, but 720 Guided Learning Hours must be covered.

Entry requirements:

To join this course you should have:

  1. Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership or other business related subject
  2. Secondary leaving certificate with Business and Mathematics plus minimum 3 years of work experience in a business setting

Applicants are expected to have a good level of English skills. Also, applicants are expected to have mastery level of literacy and numeracy.

Mode of study:

This course is an online learning course supported by online facilities and it can be studied from anywhere in the world without attending classes or meeting face-to-face with tutors.


After successful pass of all units-modules or courses, in collaboration with our main London office, our accreditation body will send the certificate out directly to the student or to the university’s local office in the student’s country of residence, where it will be made ready for collection in only 10 working days.

Please note!

There are 6 mandatory and 2 optional units to complete to earn this award

You cannot progress to any unit before paying for it.


Full course fee = $1136.00

Fee per module = ($142.00)