Level 5 Diploma in Public Administration Management

Course description

The courses and programs offered by Greater London University are all unique in many aspects and Level 5 Diploma in Public Administration Management is one of them. The program is intended to give not only a sound foundation of knowledge but also to equip learners with excellent skills in their career of Public Administration and management. Public Administration is a field of service that focuses on implementing management policies and programmes for the effective functioning of the government.  Public administrators work behind the scenes of our government carrying out various functions and developing systems to serve the public and make a positive difference.

The learning outcomes of the program include:

  1. Define and analyse key terms, ideas, and concepts of Public Administration
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the interplay of terms, ideas, and concepts in Public Administration
  3. Examine, appraise and contribute to the field of Public Administration

Mode of study:

This course is an online learning course supported by online facilities and it can be studied from anywhere in the world without attending classes or meeting face-to-face with tutors.

Entry requirements:

There is no pre-requisite condition for this course; however, applicants are expected to have a good level of English skills for reading/understanding text books and Course materials, for researching and for responding to assignments. Also, applicants are expected to have mastery level of literacy and numeracy

Duration of the Course

This is a flexible course and its completion time depends on the learner’s dedication and effort, however it could be completed in as short as three months but 480 Guided Learning Hours must be covered.


After successful pass of all units-modules or courses, in collaboration with our main London office, our accreditation body will send the certificate out directly to the student or to the university’s local office in the student’s country of residence, where it will be made ready for collection in only 10 working days.

Start date of this course:

Enrolment is open throughout the year and students can join the course anytime from anywhere.


Full course fee = $1295.00
Fee per module = ($185.00)