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Greater London University

GLU provides online fully accredited diploma, degree level and postgraduate programs in business management, public administration, public relations management, Microsoft packages, English as well as Health programs that promote holistic healing with the usage of natural medicine and nutrition.

Health Courses

Major parts of our health courses are derived from the case-studies and experiences of 1000s of patients, independent, deep-digging investigative researches, previously unknown, new shocking medical discoveries that have never been taught before. Our graduates will learn new perspectives, unique approaches and new facts about the human body’s structure, function, its biochemical processes, the true causes of human diseases and their origins. Learners will also master the safest and the most effective herbal plants in the universe, and will be taught how to select them, formulate and package them using the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

After completion of any of our health programs, you will be able to screen your patient’s body without using a single device, but new skills and powerful analytical methods which will enable you to make correct, accurate and precise diagnosis. Our practitioners prescribe working, effective and safe natural remedies that will significantly improve and in most cases totally eliminate not only the signs and symptoms of the disease but the under-lying root cause. of any condition. You will not only gain an accredited qualification but an unmatched true health knowledge that will lead you to a rewarding career and will bring about huge positive changes to your live and the lives of your patients.

English Courses

Essentials of English is absolutely unique in its design and structure and was intended for a fast-track proficiency in listening, speaking and writing. The course aims to enable students to master all the skills they need to study, to run businesses in English-speaking environments and to communicate with high level of accuracy, clarity and competency. 

Did you know?

We employ at least 30% of all the students who successfully complete any of our  post-graduate health programs.

Management courses

These programs are designed to broaden the intellectual mind-set and the entrepreneurship skills of the current business managers, government officers and organizational leaders. The GLU’s online programs are flexible, short and easy to study. They are enlightening and enriching, and will take you to a new world full of new perspectives, ambitious ideas, and wonderful possibilities. By completing our post graduate programs, you will become more informed, more skilled, more confident and more powerful in changing or moving departments and organizations to new heights of success.

The university aims to produce managers and leaders with superior innovative, creative and imaginative qualities empowered by their confident and strong operational and tactical capabilities and guided by their clear vision and direction in reaching and maintaining a winning position in the ever-toughening global competition for reputation, resource and success.

Microsoft Packages

As the usage of computers and digital devices become ever more involved in our lives and our daily activities so does increase the necessity and the need for everyone to become a computer savvy. The university realizes that many ambitious and hard-working individuals around the globe are held back by their lack of skills in computer and internet usage. Having this reality in mind, GLU designed a fast-trach computer course that provides the fundamentals and necessary skills in computer and internet usage. Anyone who wish to study an online course or use any web-based learning platforms or those who wish to carry out research on their chosen subject would need to have at least a basic knowledge in computer and internet usage.

Please note! The very basic understanding of IT and internet that you need in order to enroll, study and achieve the objectives of any program is extremely minimal but to have a good command in using office is crucial for research, data collection and presentations.